Written and Set Designed by Edward Gorey
Music by Peter Golub
Directed and Choreographed by Daniel Levans

[ Plays and Player's Theatre, Philadelphia, 1992 ]

[ Perry Street Theatre, New York, 1994 ]

Cast:  Mark Baker, Allison DeSalvo, Ken Jennings, Kathleen Mahony-Bennett, Kevin McDermott, Jennifer Naimo, Richard Parent, Dale Sandish, Joyce Sozen, Clare Stollak

Costume Design: James P. Hammer, Jr.

AMPHIGOREY, A Musicale, started as Tinned Lettuce at NYU's Undergraduate Drama in 1985, under Daniel Levans' direction and choreography. Amphigorey's first public performance was at the American Music Theatre Festival in Philadelphia in 1992.
Amphigorey  Showbill at the Perry Street Theater
Amphigorey Billing at the Perry Street Theater Amphigorey Poster
Amphigorey Button at the Perry Street Theater