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The Works of Edward Gorey 

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Floating Worlds from Pomegranate
Edward Gorey in Japan in the East Wing
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Gorey Primary Books List

News & Events
The David Owsley Museum of Art located in Ball State University will host Gorey's Worlds from Sept 27 thru Dec 21, 2018.

The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art produced the exhibition last February, and if you haven't yet seen it, watch Erin Monroe talk about the show.
Read our review of the exhibition catalog, also called GOREY'S WORLDS.

Elegant Enigmas, the Art of Edward Gorey, continues touring Japan through March 2019. Developed by the Brandywine Museum in 2009, the exhibition will show at Niitsu Art Museum in Niigata in January. Stop by our East Wing for more details.

Born to Be Posthumous
by Mark Dery, will be released November 6. New material! Exciting! Stay tuned for more info as the release date looms.

Swann Galleries in NYC held another Gorey art auction on June 5. Here's a summary of prices realized for this and past auctions.

Items from Goreyography's collection now at the Library of Congress were displayed with Halloween-themed Americana in an interactive exhibition last October. The Goreyography collection was gifted to the LOC in 2014. Download the bibliography and checklist in PDF format.

Christopher Seufert's Edward Gorey documentary is still in production. Visit the Edward Gorey film project's Facebook page for details.

But I Thought It Was a First Edition
To help separate the wheat from the reprints, peruse the illustrated bibliography of Gorey's primary works. View alphabetically or chronologically.

Desperately Seeking Gorey
Look for the Serious Collectors link in our illustrated bibliography pages. Makes finding scarcities a tad too easy.

One-click searching for eBay, Abebooks, and Amazon!

Give the Gift of Gorey
Who sells all those bat tees, posters, lunch boxes, sterling silver Doubtful Guest pins, calendars, and of course - books? Find out at the Edward Gorey Marketplace. Open 24/7.

Goreyography Reviews
Recent books:
..GOREY'S WORLD catalog
..Nelsen's Sam and Emma
..His Cover Art & Design
..The Tunnel Calamity

Recent events:
..EGH 'Aesop to Updike' exhibit coming...
..EGH Envelope exhibit in 2012
..Elegant Enigmas tours America
..Edward Gorey House in 2010

Guest reviews & interviews:
..Peter Neumeyer at the Cartoon Art Museum
..John Carollo on 'Musings' exhibit
..Kevin McDermott and 'Elephant House'

The Backroom:
Original Gorey Art!

It's where the special goods are kept. Now, booksellers are bringing original Gorey art out to the electronic frontier. Come in, and take a look.

Those Paperback Covers!
Since 1953, Gorey designed and illustrated dozens of mass market paperback covers. See over 60 covers on exhibit.

The Play's the Thing
Seen by few, Gorey's theatrical productions live on in the art he used to promote them. Works commissioned for other theatrical productions on view as well.

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